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Society and Culture 23/3/2009

Public Transportation: Safe and Sustainable

The advantages of a reduction of private transportation in urban traffic are many: not least among them is the safety of pedestrians and cyclists

Management 23/3/2009

The Social Enterprise, Useful Weapon against the Crisis

Non-profits can absorb unemployed workforce and give rise to a new conception of private equity. Furthermore, the absence of the profit motive guarantees reinvestment in the organization's activities

Management 6/3/2009

Humor at the Workplace is Good for Performance

Leaders able to motivate their co-workers are usually good humored. At work, it pays to be dead serious only in corporate emergencies

World Economy 6/3/2009

The Crisis Opens Up Great Opportunities

A comparative EU-US study explores the effects of the global recession on new business initiatives and entrepreneurship in family companies.

World Economy 5/3/2009

Desperately Seeking Consumers for Oriental Products

In the space of a few months, Asia's economic outlook has radically changed. Fast growth of the area was largely due to exports going to Europe and USA.