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World Economy 28/9/2009

The Crisis, a Case of Shortsightedness

Economic policy: those who look farther down the road know when it's time to slow down.

Management 28/9/2009

Gorilla Marketing - for Chocolate

Creativity can make even the use of traditional tools very innovative.

World Economy 28/9/2009

Looking into Firms to Understand the Crisis

Managerial incentives, shareholder value maximization and the myth of company growth are all being questioned.

Technology 28/9/2009

Generation Y: Advice for Companies

Preventing access to Facebook and other social networks at work carries a cost in terms of not being able to exploit the abilities of young people.

Management 13/7/2009

Made in Med Adds Value and Attractiveness

Brands: the strategies of L’Occitane, ANSA, and Camper suggest an emerging market denomination built around tradition, downshifting, and pluralism