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Management 13/9/2010

The Lone Man at the Top Doesn't Come Out on Top

The model of the male manager taking all the decisions and overstressed by too many activities and too little time is not working. A Bocconi questionnaire outlines this managerial style

Management 7/6/2010

Working as Business Innovation Manager

Change is the norm nowadays, but pushing rather than following new events is a challenge every company faces.

Management 24/5/2010

It's Not Only about Low-Cost: Prices Are Polarizing

In a context where cheap discount distribution is also gaining share, the middle ground is shrinking as consumer loyalty is courted by the extremes.

Management 5/5/2010

Companies Are Still Investing in Promising Resources

Managerial education: a look at the evolution of business schools and their relations with companies, according to SDA Bocconi School of Management.

Management 22/4/2010

Italian Infrastructure: Priorities for North and South Are Not the Same

Public works respond to different needs according to the territory: roads, bridges and railways are usually built to match emerging demand.