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Management 16/4/2013

The Team's Strength Is the Startup's Strength

In an ideal team, diversity is valued and individual and entrepreneurial objectives are shared...

Management 16/4/2013

Keeping Leaders from Going off the Rails

Corporate leaders tend to push at the forefront, think outside the box and stride ahead ..

Management 29/10/2012

Lobbyists Out of the Shadows

In democracies, interest groups are legimitate.

Management 29/10/2012

The Downside of Celebrity Endorsements

Companies often attempt to associate their products with the allure of famous people, basing their marketing efforts on celebrity endorsements.

Management 29/10/2012

Incentives Make Civic Sense

Higher salaries improve the quality of the political class, maintains Guido Tabellini, former Rector of Università Bocconi in an exclusive interview.