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Finance 29/6/2009

Four Tools to Deal with the Crisis. And Defeat It

The financial meltdown was not an issue of policy, but of bad managerial decisions.

Finance 15/6/2009

Bad Banks Bring Trust Back

It makes sense to separate assets with widely differing risk characterisitcs

Finance 25/5/2009

After the Crisis, Banks Will Have to Become Relational

Three innovative proposals for the interbank, corporate, and retail markets in banking. Banks have to decide whether they want to resemble government bureaucracies or Google and eBay

Finance 11/5/2009

No Future Without the Market

Nationalizations can only be short-term solutions. Government-owned banks are less efficient and profitable, although depositors consider them safer.

Finance 20/4/2009

A Derivative Should Be Transparent and Easy-To-Understand

Derivatives are still needed for risk management. Those which triggered the crisis were too complex and were traded over-the-counter without explanation.