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Technology 28/9/2009

Generation Y: Advice for Companies

Preventing access to Facebook and other social networks at work carries a cost in terms of not being able to exploit the abilities of young people.

Technology 11/5/2009

The Postconsumer Is Always Online

With TV we feared for what could be coming into our homes; with Web 2.0 we are concerned with what might be getting out about ourselves.

Technology 9/2/2009

Net Neutrality Under Attack

The existing principle of network neutrality makes sure that users access the Net without any limitations or additional costs dependent on the type of traffic they generate.

Technology 10/11/2008

The Attack of the Trolls

The Attack of the TrollsWhen companies buy patents in order to force the hand of other companies by re-selling or withholding them, the whole process can look like a form of blackmail.

Technology 9/11/2008

Virtual Nations Are Being Born on the Net

Dispersed groups with ethnicity, citizenship or causes in common come together online.